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Wooden toys

Wood is a renewable material and therefore environmentally friendly. Wooden models and toys can withstand so much more during playtime and are therefore more robust and durable. Often, they are passed down over generations. They are easy to maintain and can be simply cleaned with a wet cloth before placing them in a freezer to minimize bacteria. At ValdeShamou, we only want the best for your little ones. Children should be able to play and learn something at the same

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Toys made of bio plastic

Our toys are made with bioplastics. At Kita ValdeShamou we highly value these products because they are environmentally friendly and of a high quality. They offer a long-lasting, educational, and imaginative learning aspect which promotes the development of your child positively.  Bioplastic minimizes CO2 content in the atmosphere and is made from renewable biomass sources. The sugar cane used in our toys comes from controlled and non-toxic plantations in central and southern Brazil. The sugar cane is harvested every six to

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Anikka our Kita hair stylist

I am Anikka Shamou Barbian, 28 years old and a passionate Hairstylist since 2011 with a completed EFZ Diploma in Professional Hairdressing from Coiffure Suisse. What distinguishes me as a person is my loving nature and joy of life. Over the years I have gained a lot of experience in hair cutting, coloring and overall hair health. I have had clients of all ages including very young children, and where they challenge me, this brings more creativity into my life.

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