Welcome to our

new Kita

We offer...

care for children starting at 3 months until they start school.

Your children will be cared for in a loving and protected environment by a dedicated team of pedagogic professionals and trainees. 
We offer individually designed rooms to play, sleep, eat, and get the body moving. The surrounding area is covered by nature. 

The children will be led and motivated by our staff to act, think and make decisions independently. 


We acclimatize following the Berlin Model.

It takes around 2-3 weeks and can be adapted if 


Building a relationship between the child and our staff during the absence of the Parents.

During the first few days, the child comes with the parent for short visits to ValdeShamou. In this way, the child can get to know us, the other children and the environment at ValdeShamou
After the first sniff, the child remains alone in the ValdeShamou for a short time. The attendance time is slowly increased from day to day. We take the child’s needs into account, because some children need more time than others.
After each day, the next steps are discussed with the parents. For the well-being of the child, parents should be available at any time during the acclimatization period.

A minimum familiarization fee of 300 CHF. Including food and sleeping if necessary. (3 weeks)

Educational mission statement

At Valdeshamou we establish recurring daily and weekly traditions depending on the seasons. This conveys a feeling of security and establishes a routine. 

We will support your Child in the development of their individuality. We appreciate their character and, in this way, help to grow their confidence. 

Diverse play possibilities encourage and develop the child’s imagination, creativity and independence. 

All meals will be prepared and cooked fresh in house with the children. 

The parents are supported in their dual role as caregivers and professionals. 

The children are free in their self determination to take part in activities and make these decisions for themselves.